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Plug your controller in!

Gamepadable is a curated web arcade and discovery point for indie games. Compiling a database of worthy games that are controller enabled and playable thru your browser. Play with a gamepad on your mobile or hook up controllers to your PC and play some awesome local multiplayer with your friends.Also featured are Gamepadable’s very own games such as Rainbow Rage Squad.


Plug my controller in?
Via USB or Bluetooth to your PC, Mac, Mobile, or Linux machine! A button may have to be hit before the controller is recognized.

Can I use a keyboard?
Some games will allow for keyboard use, check details for each game.

FULL SCREEN – I’ve been using the gamepad and selecting windowed or full screen in game but nothing happens?
Try using your keyboard to enter full screen mode. Browsers do not like full screen requests from gamepads. Full screen modes are usually found in a games options menu.

Do all gamepad/controllers work?
No, all gamepads are not guaranteed to work. Make sure the appropriate drivers are installed for your gamepad.

Loading the game froze, what should I do?
You have a few options.
-Refresh the page
-Close and reopen your browser
-Try a different browser – Firefox, Chrome, etc

Will games work on the Xbox-One, PS4, or Wii-U?
Some games do work on these consoles while others will not. The Xbox one seems to be the most reliable. Game are tagged that are compatible with the Xbox One.  When using the Xbox One you can have users toggle between the gamepad and browsing controls with the Menu/Start button in the console browser.

Where do I push to start the game?
All game pages will feature a box similar to the one below. Simply click to go to the game!

Submit your game or contact us
Do you have a worthy game or game demo that is playable on a browser with game controllers? Please submit your game to us to discuss showing it on the website!

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