Random: Save The Bad Princess

Play this on the Scirra Arcade

(Fullscreen, other troubles? see the FAQ)

The Princess has Disappeared, you see her floating up – now you go jump, stomp and teleport your way to there for a twist ending you didn’t expect


Control – Gamepad Compatible. (Preferably an XBOX 360 controller)

Press Up Arrow/A Button (On Gamepad) to Jump.
Hold Down Arrow/B Button (On Gamepad) to STOMP.
Press Space/RT Button (On Gamepad) to Teleport.
Hold Shift/LT Button (On Gamepad) to Slow Motion.
Press S/ Left Shoulder Button to save! your current state.
PRESS A/ Right Shoulder Button to LOAD save!
PRESS F1/F to Full Screen
Press ESC to exit Full screen
Press R/Start button to Restart current screen