Rainbow Rage Squad

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Up to 4 players Local
Local Co-Op
Time Trials
Battle Mode
40 Levels
Boss Fights
Rage, and Rainbows!!!!


Rainbow Rage Squad is a platforming game that includes 3 modes – Adventure, Time Attack, and Battle Mode.
You’ll be doing a lot of running, jumping, and wall sliding. Besides the basics, your character has the ability to charge up and shoot. Your shots have many implications from nudging your friends to shrinking obstacles in your path. Be careful though, your charged shot can do some interesting things.


In the Adventure mode you can join with up to 3 other friends and play thru 40 levels of one screen traps, saws, and spikes as you try to reach the End Level Diamond for each stage! After every 10 levels you’ll find yourself in a boss fight to proceed to the next area and unlock extra characters and the new area for Time Attack. Be careful though, you have a set amount of lives and once those are gone it is game over! This game is not suppose to be easy! You will Rage!
Time Attack lets you practice or go for the fastest time on any of the 40 levels that you have unlocked. Are you the fastest?
Battlemode pits you against your fellow Rainbow Rage Squad members in an all out fight to the death that will have you shooting your fellow team member with your rainbow powers.

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